Lake Austin: Austin, Tx




Popular Lake Austin is of quiet beauty when you get beyond the public ramps and into the little nooks that are only accessible through private property.  Thats just how is was today, up until i dipped my feet in and slipped on the mossy launch and fell directly on my butt! Owe.


How do u take your Keurig coffee?

There is something about fluffy, frothy, whip creaminess that takes a cup from average coffee to uppity coffee shop goodnesss.  During a friends move, I became the lucky recipient of a sensational little device known as the Keurig milk frother.  Add milk (less milk fat the better, organic preferred, close lid, press button, wait 60 seconds, tadah, froth!  Before this vanilla ice cream produced frothy effect for our morning brew, which turned it into more of a morning sundae.  Tasty, but calorie content? I’m not prepared to think about that.  Heres how we take our coffee now.  Better then the coffee shop! 3 parts coffee

drop of agave

1/2 part dark chocolate almond milk

1/2 part froth

cinnamon sprinkle

*Note: use purified water, makes a world of difference

Fall Fishing

The nights rainfall directed many of our tree’s partially dead leaves to escape their branch, & fall into the little blue pond living in our backyard.  Instead of clearing them out, i did nothing. Left them right where they fell, bought a handful of minnows from the pet shop, and relocated them to the pond for Macey to play.  She stood in that pond, tail wagging, staring intently at the water for 3 hours waiting to catch a glimpse of a swimming fishey as they moved from leaf to leaf.  

Macey slept good that night…….

Agave Apple-Berry Jam

I don’t like jam.  Ok I do, but not from a jar.  Do you know how easy it is to make a fresh morning jam without preservatives and the list of unpronounceable ingredients they put in store jam?


Jam for 2 as follows……….

  • peel, core & chop 1 apple
  • throw it in a small sauce pan over med low heat and cover
  • after about 5-10 min stir them up and add a few berries + a drizzle of agave syrup & cover
  • when the apples get soft enough, mash it all together with a fork
  • spread on toast, pancakes, or your face!

Last nights dinner

Yummy stuffed tomatoes are quite impressive but super easy to make!  This time the husband ate all his veggies, so u know its good.

       Prep time: 10 min         Cook time: 30 min

paired with bbq chicky & swiss greens below


1. cut the tops off tomatoes and hollow out with a spoon

2. cut a thin slice off the bottoms so they don’t wobble around like a weeble on your baking dish

3. stuff with croutons, fresh spinach & cheese (i used munster and pepper jack)

4. top with smashed crouton crumbs  and more cheese

5. lay on parchment paper or foil in a pie pan & bake in a toaster over 350 30 min (or a regular oven if your making a large batch ……….. or you don’t have a toaster over, but if you don’t you really should acquire one, they are quite nice)

Pairs nicely with Apothic Red, winemakers blend 2009, CA  sweet hints of rubahrb, black cherries & velvety vanilla. oh yeah. $8- $14 in stores.

The little worker kid at Sprouts sold me on it., he may have a future as a sommelier.